S7 25 C Grey On Table Beside Vase And Receiver MOBILE
S7 25 C Grey On Table Beside Vase And Receiver DESKTOP

Hear every word

An essential element in the reproduction of dialogue and most of the front sound effects, the center channel is critical for catching every nuance of dialogue in your favorite movies, music and games.

While other Studio7 speakers are tilted at a seven degree angle, the center channel is not tilted, allowing for better audio direction toward the listener. The grille does however, have a plinth to visually coordinate with the other Studio7 pro­ducts.

S7 25 C Grey Front Close Up MOBILE
S7 25 C Grey Front Close Up DESKTOP


An all-new 1-inch tweeter featuring a copper faraday ring which increases sensitivity and reduces non-linear distortion carries out the high-frequency duties. The tweeter and surround are made from fabric and exhibit excellent distortion characteristics and wide bandwidth for a non-fatiguing yet detailed sound.

S7 25 C Grey Woofer Close Up MOBILE
S7 25 C Grey Woofer Close Up DESKTOP


The bass drivers feature embossed paper cones, high strength motor assemblies incorporating aluminum inductance shorting rings that enhance power handling and lower distortion. The aluminum shorting ring lowers distortion for clean, dynamic bass and increases power handling as the aluminum ring acts as a heat sink. The embossed paper cone with Thor's Hammer detailing increases the rigidity to improve the transient response for that snappy yet natural bass.

S7 25 C Grey Back Close Up MOBILE
S7 25 C Grey Back Close Up DESKTOP


The porthole shape that houses the bollard was directly inspired by Jamo's birthplace and more specifically the fishing boats of the small village of Glyngore. Functional as well as aesthetically pleasing, the size of the porthole cavity also allows for easy cable connection.

Jamo Brand Nordic Nature Colors MOBILE
Jamo Brand Nordic Nature Colors DESKTOP



Jamo chose the Studio7 range's colors from the chromatic palette of Scandinavian landscapes. Norwegian fjords inspire the dark blue, while the grey finish channels the hue of fog hanging over a Finnish forest. The Jamo Studio7 will enhance your living space no matter which color you choose.

Jamo history founders background 1
Jamo history founders 1


Our story started in 1968 in Glyngøre, a tiny fishing village nestled on the north shore of Denmark. Jamo was founded by two brothers-in-law, Preben Jacobsen and Julius Mortensen.


Spec Sheets

For more technical detail, download the Spec Sheets here: Jamo Spec Sheet - S7 25C DE , Jamo Spec Sheet - S7 25 C EN , Jamo Spec Sheet - S7 25C FR .