Don't just hear your movies, experience them with the robust, earth-shaking bass of Jamo high-performance subwoofers. These low-frequency subs fill rooms with deeper acoustics and at the same time - look incredible in your space.

From a design perspective, there is no more frustrating speaker than the subwoofer. Usually, it’s little more than big black box that doesn’t fit anywhere. However, without a subwoofer you can’t experience the deep rich bass of great music or the thrilling explosions of your favorite action movie. To experience the full range of sound, a subwoofer is key.

Jamo’s eye for design as well as audio quality has led to subwoofers that are more than simply a massive cube. Jamo digital subwoofers come in unique shapes, allowing them to fit into rooms in equally unique ways, virtually disappearing. Compact subs create just as much bass but take up less space. Jamo subwoofers are eye-catching, not eyesores.

Solve the problem of subwoofer location with the use of a Jamo wireless subwoofer kit. Now, you’re no longer limited by the length of a cable, now a subwoofer can go anywhere you want it to be.

Find the Jamo subwoofer that gives you the bass you need while still conforming to the modern design you expect.