Center channel speakers are quite possibly the most important speaker in any home theater system. As the speaker that recreates what you see on the screen the most exactly, it’s the speaker that creates all of your movie dialogue and song lyrics. While the action in a great movie might come from every speaker, it usually starts here.

This makes your choice of center channel vital. This is the speaker that’s going to do all of the heavy lifting for your surround sound system. It really doesn’t matter what else your speakers can do if you can’t understand what the characters are saying.

Jamo center channel speakers come in a variety of sizes, and finishes, so you can make this speaker a big, or a small part of your home cinema package. Either way, you know you’ll get Jamo’s Waveguide acoustic technology that makes sure that key movie dialogue makes its way directly from the speaker to your ear. You’ll also get Jamo’s flair for design. There are bookshelf and floorstanding speakers design to match Jamo center channel speakers so that your entire front stage looks like it was designed together.