I/O 1A2  Outdoor Speaker

I/O 1A2  Outdoor Speaker

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The I/O 1A2 is part of our range of revamped 2-way bassreflex indoor/outdoor speakers. It's fitted with a powerful 4.5-inch woofer to deliver strong, accurate bass reproduction. A .5-inch dome tweeter reproduces high frequencies with clarity and accuracy.

The flexible mounting bracket allows you to adjust the speaker to your preference; an allen-key bolt locking system ensures that the I/O 1A2 stays firmly in place.

The Jamo I/O 1A2 loudspeaker is packed with other high-performance features:

  • A paintable cabinet and grille to blend invisibly in any room
  • An integrated flexible mounting bracket allows secure, adjustable placement
  • A wide temperature range ensures peak performance in all weather

The I/O 1A2 is an inconspicuous, all-climate speaker designed to add great sound to your outdoor events.

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The smallest model in our revamped indoor/outdoor range features a 4.5-inch woofer, an ideal choice if you want an inconspicuous source of sound. The design is elegant, without being attention grabbing, while the sound quality is truly excellent. The series has been designed to suit both commercial and domestic installations. Its easy-to-adjust mounting arrangement makes it particularly popular in retail outlets. In households, these are ideal for placement on the patio, in the garden or by the pool.

With its paintable aluminum grille and cabinet, the I/O 1A2 is designed to blend seamlessly into the surroundings-so all you notice is the remarkably detailed, great sound.


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