Jamo DIY Landscape Speaker System

Jamo DIY Landscape Speaker System

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The Jamo DIY Landscape Speaker System features a super-simple, tool-free installation that includes everything you need for a high-performance DIY outdoor speaker system. Including 8 satellite speakers, a half-burial subwoofer, and our high-powered 500-watt amplifier - this all-in-one system blends seamlessly into your outdoor living space while providing an incredible listening experience.

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With a completely tool-free installation process and no experience required - the Jamo DIY Landscape Speaker System makes it easier than ever to set up your personal outdoor audio system.


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JAMO Landscape JL 10 SW-  In The Corner In Dirt


A rustproof aluminum, UV-resistant glass-filled ABS cabinet, provides the utmost in all-weather capability. With an IP45 rating, the Jamo JL-4 landscape satellite is lab tested and certified to offer the best in outdoor audio all year.

Similar to the satellite speakers, the JL-10SW sports a rustproof aluminum top cap and a high-impact, polyethylene cabinet that can handle any weather while maintaining the same lab-tested IP45 rating.

The ultra-compact design of the JL-4 allows it to blend seamlessly into even the most luxurious of outdoor living space, while the 4" long-throw aluminum driver provides detailed, dynamic, balanced sound.

Leveraging a long-throw 10" IMG woofer, the JL-10SW half-burial design allows for large cabinet volume necessary for low extension and high output while remaining hidden in its environment. This allows for a superior listening experience while maintaining a high end, modern look in today's finest landscapes and outdoor living spaces.

The JDA-500 offers 500W of class G/H power, for clean, dynamic power. Our technicians will pre-configured the JDA-500 to provide the optimal sound for your Jamo DIY Landscape System.

Download our easy-to-use Jamo DIY Landscape System Setup Guide to install your very own high-performance outdoor audio system.