A 800/200 5.1 (SUB 800)  Home Cinema System


A 800/200 5.1 (SUB 800)  Home Cinema System

A800 2005 1 Sub 800 2


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The Aesthetic Series epitomizes fluidity of design and power of performance. Created for those who demand precision and clarity from their music and film soundtracks, the A 804 provides a unique wall-mount solution for home theater systems.

Jamo has a long tradition of loudspeaker innovation. Groundbreaking thinking has led to the development of an outstanding front speaker that, despite its compact size, delivers a convincing and highly detailed full-frequency range that's normally the domain of much larger speakers.

The A 804 not only sounds great, it also has an exciting contemporary look. The unique black leather finish makes it extremely attractive for most homes; the shapely cabinet and the mounting system make it the perfect match for virtually any modern flatscreen.


The A 804 is a 3-way, bassreflex speaker. The rigid cabinet with the top and bottom constructed from high-gloss, lacquered aluminum and the rest made from steel and high-density polymer results in a stable, non-resonant cabinet with very clean sound reproduction.

One of the secrets of the A 804 lies in its flow-optimized bass port, which delivers extremely clean bass, even at high volume. The silk dome midrange/tweeter is a Jamo developed co-axial unit featuring WaveGuide technology. The clever three-way construction of the A 804 produces a perfect sound dispersion pattern, giving you maximum freedom when positioning your flatscreen, surround system and sofa.

The high-style Jamo A 804 wall-mounted loudspeaker is packed with high-performance features:

  • WaveGuide tweeter faceplate design controls sound pattern for open, dynamic sound.
  • A coaxial drive unit that sends all sound to your ears simultaneously
  • The unique rigid cabinet reduces sound radiation inside the speaker

The A 804"it simply sounds as amazing as it looks.