A 320 HCS 6  Home Cinema System

A 320 HCS 6  Home Cinema System


The A 320 is a 2-way, closed cabinet speaker. This configuration includes a 1-inch tweeter and a 3.75-inch woofer to add true surround sound to your favorite music and movies. The SUB 250 and A 3 CEN. 4 add power and precision to the system, making every movie an event for the entire family.

The A 320 HCS 6 package includes four A 320 satellites, one SUB 250 and one A 3 CEN. 4 speaker.


Don't let the compact size fool you-this package is a very competent, powerful combination. It's as capable of creating big, full effects as it is delivering subtle dialogue.

Because of their rounded profile, A 320 satellite speakers can be placed almost anywhere: horizontally-or vertically-on a bookshelf, on a wall, in a corner. The only limit is your imagination. Thanks to their ingenious fittings, they can be aimed toward the optimum listening position. Accessories for different placement options are included with the speakers. A floor stand, the A 320 FS, is also available.


Finish  Black, White


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