Control Drivers Now Communicate With and Command Jamo Amplifiers

The new control driver provides two-way communication between the Klipsch or Jamo brand DSP amplifiers and the control system, allowing command issuance for full control of input/output routing and selection through the control system, as well as channel gain setting and muting. Feedback from the amplifier can be visualized on the control system’s display, giving the end user a convenient way to fully control and optimize their audio experience. Additionally, the driver allows programmed automation events to control the amplifier and react to audio commands, all via the Klipsch or Jamo amplifer's RJ-45 port.

The Klipsch KDA-1000 and KDA-500 DSP, and Jamo JDA-500 amplifiers offer class G power and performance in a sleek, high-tech, one rack unit solution for any residential or commercial installation. Sound optimized EQ presents for most Klipsch and Jamo commercial and residential speakers, low impedance and 70V/100V compatibility with distributed line applications, and balanced and unbalanced I/O that can be matrixed make the Klipsch and Jamo DSP amplifiers some of the most flexible and easiest to install power solutions available today.

Control drivers for Control4 and Crestron are available at the The RTI driver is available at RTI’s Dealer site.

Visit the Klipsch and Jamo in booth #14-C160 at the Integrated Systems Europe 2018 tradeshow or and for more information.


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