Summer time is just around the corner for many, and a time to enjoy the outdoors with food, friends, family, and great music to accompany the experience.


First and foremost, you’ll need a grill. The question of charcoal versus gas is not something that we can choose for you. Great minds have argued over it for decades. Whichever one you decide, be sure to grab the fuel or charcoal needed to kick off the celebration.


Once you have the grill sorted, it’s time to pick the menu. Hamburgers and hot dogs are a simple option. But, don’t be afraid to go above and beyond. There are plenty of recipes available on Pinterest and Youtube.

Cold Drinks

Soda for the kids, and ice cold beer or adult beverages for everyone else.

Outdoor Speakers

Let’s not forget the most important part. Music has a special way of bringing everyone together. If you’re spending a lot of time outdoors, it’s probably worth investing in a nice pair of outdoor speakers. There are several different options available, one of which is the easily mounted, outdoor series, such as the Jamo I/O 6. If mounting speakers is not an option, check out the new landscape satellite and subwoofer system, the JL-4810. It’s easy to install and blends seamlessly into your landscape. Furthermore, Jamo even makes a series of rock landscape speakers and subwoofers, in three different finishes to match your landscape.

Summer Music Playlist

Put together a few different playlists that will be suitable for your guests. Whether you’re grilling, dancing, sipping drinks on the patio, or chilling by the pool or fireside, have playlists ready for every mood.

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