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S 426 HCS 3   Home Cinema Systems

S 426 HCS 3   Home Cinema Systems

The Jamo S 426 HCS 3 is the newest addition to to Jamo's constant commitment to value-for-money loudspeaker systems. With the stylish, contemporary industrial design, these speakers easily blend into the modern living room that are the standard of the day.

In the established Jamo-tradition these speakers will outperform virtually every competitor in this price range. Thanks to a carefully balanced engineering effort, these speakers will offer both good looks and a sound quality that is very rarely heard from speakers in this class.

The S 426 has dual woofers in a reflex-optimized enclosure and a low-resonance tweeter with a Jamo Waveguide. The result is a punchy, yet refined and detailed sound, that will make movies as well as music more enjoyable.

Adding the S 420 Center and the S 420 Surround (not sold individually) will create a first-rate surround-system, and thanks to the terrific versatility in terms of placement (both come with wall bracket) these speakers will not clutter the living room.

S426HCS3 - Medium 1


S426HCS3 - Medium 2
Finish    Black Ash, White Ash or Wenge Finish
S426HCS3 - Medium 2


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Professional Reviews

Cheap home cinema speaker packages are like fast food: the bigger they are, the less tasty they tend to be. Happily, Jamos S426 HCS3 breaks with convention by being both astonishingly cheap and really rather good, in a raw, enjoyably enthusiastic fashion..." 4 out of 5

... the entire system displays levels of teamwork and interaction the Harlem Globetrotters would be proud of, with a tight, coherent sound glued together by the SUB260's fluid bass notes. As you move up through the frequency range, it masterfully articulates speech, while high-frequency reproduction is terrific, making DTS HD Master Audio material sparkle without sounding too harsh.
Despite it's low price, the Jamo S426 HCS3 is a great set. It is very strong, not only because of the addition of the powerful subwoofer SUB260, but also because of powerful drivers in floorstanding front S426 speakers. It sounds authoritative and dynamic, goes deep, and brings weight and volume to every blockbuster. The real power house in this complete set is SUB260, which does not take much to drop impressive and powerful bass that will shake your house and your neighbors too...