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D 600   Home Cinema Systems

D 600   Home Cinema Systems

Imagine that you can experience the awesome sound quality that you can hear in the best cinemas in the world - but in the comfort of your own home.

D600 is the newest Jamo sound system that is built and approved to the same quality-standards as the best movie theaters in the world namely THX.

This highly advanced Jamo system meets the THX Ultra 2 standard, but is at the same time a truly musical hi-fi speaker system. Consisting of a line of carefully designed elements equipped with advanced technology these speakers are not only able to reproduce the same powerful and detailed sound that you would normally only expect in real life...or the best cinemas, but they are also able to present a sound-stage that is as large in scale and physical appearance that it is hard to believe.

At the same time the D600-system is elegant and discreet, fashioned in a modern and graphic style that is able to blend in easily with the interiors in most modern homes.

State-of-the-Art Technology Jamo has developed driver units specially for this high-end THX Ultra 2 system. Identical drivers used in both the LCR and surround-speakers result in perfect balance across the speakers, and a 15"/1600W subwoofer equipped with Motional Feedback ensures a dynamic, detailed and precise reproduction of even the lowest spectrum. The subwoofer is equipped with a unique touch interface which gives the user a variety of settings.

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Installed in the "Best Integrated Whole Home Up to $50,000 Gold Winner: Smart Homes of Texas" award-winning home
Les Annees Laser
...Here is a system close to the perfection : high end set-up for a great price according to the audio performances...