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D 500   Home Cinema Systems

D 500   Home Cinema Systems

The installation of THX sound systems typically requires a dedicated room, such as a home theater. The size and design of virtually all THX-systems dictate that the speakers be hidden behind curtains and walls.

Not anymore! The size of the new Jamo D 500 THX home theater system allows direct placement in most medium-sized living rooms. In addition to the compact dimensions, these speakers are styled in a way that accommodates many contemporary decorations and furniture combinations.

Finished in high-gloss lacquer with carefully engineered drive units, the D 500 series adds a musical-instrument-touch to the modern home, delivering impeccable reproduction of even the most demanding movie-sound-track. In addition to outstanding movie-entertainment, the Jamo D 500 will give the end-user a very satisfying reproduction of music, whether listening to stereo MP3 files or full-scale DVD-Audio or SACD.

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Professional Reviews

This Jamo system offers an amazing Home Cinema experience

While playing the movies, the D500 THX Select2, is clearly exceptional, and it will be really difficult, nearly impossible to find out a competitor
5 out of 5 stars

Fabulous surround sound quality; compact; easy to install; fine value for money

VERDICT: For films, simply exceptional youll struggle to find better value right now
Top 10 Best Surround Sound Systems
9 out of 10 score and a "Recommended Status"

"The build quality is absolutely stunning, boasting the sort of heft and rigidity that inspires great confidence in their sonic capabilities before youve even pressed play."

"With its powerful, detailed and enveloping sound, the Jamo D500 was clearly born to play movies. Weve tested several systems in this price bracket of late, but few of them can match the levels of effortless power and depth as shown by the D500."
...You're getting a THX Select 2-certified system featuring a 650W subwoofer, with exceptional build quality and suave, living-room friendly styling. That makes the D500 an absolute steal...
Stereo & Video Verdict: 9/10 Outstanding

"Excellent choice for both movies and concerts."
4 out of 5: Best Buy award
This 5.1 pack fully justifies its THX certification. It creates a powerful and accurate multi channel environment. The sound is realistic and dynamic, the subwoofer is terrific! The real Home Cinema in the living room is possible
T3 Choice Award: "This speakers system offers real power, but level of details, sound articulation and simplicity in creation of soundstage are even more impressive. It sounds great, looks beautiful in rich piano black finish and in spite of no so affordable price, it represents excellent value.
Modern aesthetics in unity with impeccable acoustics

Excellent sound in a room which is not acoustically matching, is in perfect harmony with the subs, and has impressive deep dynamics

Rated overall excellent for the sound in relation to the price category

Consumer Reviews