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How do I blend my subwoofer and speakers?

Subwoofer blending is a term used to describe mating a subwoofer and speaker. The goal is to reproduce all frequencies evenly, therefore if there is a large gap in frequency output between the sub and speakers the result is a sonic "hole". If the subwoofer and speaker overlap in response the result is one of a "boomy" nature. Both are considered unacceptable and will produce poor sound quality. It is essential that the subwoofer "hand off" the duties to the speaker at the right frequency, so that the subwoofer and speaker sound like a pair of large speakers, and not a subwoofer with separate speakers. In a properly set up system, you will not be able to identify the separate components. Placement of the subwoofer, as well as adjustments made to crossover and level controls will assist in blending the output.