It’s December 1966. In the fishing village of Glyngøre, Denmark, carpenter Preben Jacobsen ignores the discomforts of the tiny henhouse on his property and outfits it for an entirely different purpose—the construction of meticulously designed loudspeakers. Blessed with excellent woodworking skills and a broad knowledge of acoustic technology, he begins to develop speakers that attract a fair amount of attention, if not a huge groundswell of buyers.

In very little time, Preben realized that actually selling the products he’s been building is not his greatest strength and in 1968, Preben’s brother in law Julius Mortensen came aboard, bringing with him a wealth of sales experience gained from working in the fishing industry. The two then officially found Jamo, creating the company’s distinctive name from the first two letters of their surnames. Within two years, they moved into their first actual production facility, and by 1987, over one million speakers had rolled off the Glyngøre assembly line.

Throughout the 1990s, Jamo’s stature as one of Europe’s largest and most respected loudspeaker manufacturers increased. By 1994, it was the largest manufacturer of speakers in Europe, and by 1998, they had sold over 11.5 million units. This success also made Jamo a highly desirable partner—which culminated in its acquisition by Klipsch Group, Inc. in 2005. The resulting venture has brought added resources to the company. Today, the business that once occupied a henhouse proudly occupies offices worldwide.